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How to Simplify Your Routine with Makeup Remover Pads

There are some beauty products you can live without, but if you use even a stitch of makeup on a regular basis, then makeup remover pads are a non-negotiable part of your cleansing routine.

But instead of having to buy cotton pads every month, wouldn’t it be nice to have a budget-friendly makeup remover that’s washable and reusable? Here at hello skin, our Luxe Makeup Remover Pad could be just what you need!

Cleansing is key

End-of-day skincare

Your skincare routine is for your bare skin, not for the layer of makeup that’s built up at the end of your day. That’s why using makeup remover pads or makeup wipes is an important prerequisite before facial cleansing. This helps your skincare penetrate better since there are no barriers in the way.

Problems caused by makeup buildup

There’s nothing more wonderful than playing up your look with makeup, but you shouldn’t leave it on for too long, and certainly not while you’re asleep! Product buildup can cause your pores – tiny openings in your skin that release oil and sweat and even grow hair – to get clogged, which results in whiteheads, blackheads, or even pimples. Invest in the best makeup remover pads, and your skin will thank you.

Making beauty efficient

Skincare is a lifelong commitment, which means you may have found yourself running to the store when you’re out of skincare essentials like make up remover pads. But what if you could ditch single-use pads and switch to something you could use over and over again?

Skincare made easy

On-the-go cleansing

Meet the Helloskin Luxe Makeup Remover Pad! They’re perfect for busy gals who want a quick solution to facial care. 

These washable makeup remover pads are made of 100% ultrafine microfibres, which gently but effectively remove all traces of makeup from your face, eyes, and neck. The best part is that you can use them with just water – even for your stay-all-day waterproof mascara or eyeliner!

Eco-conscious solutions

We believe that skin care tools don’t have to damage the environment. This is why our puffs are machine washable, with instructions included so you know exactly how to care for your makeup remover pads. 

With proper care, you can use them up to 300 times!

With our reusable makeup remover pads, you can say goodbye to traditional makeup wipes, which aren’t biodegradable (or take years to degrade!) and, in large amounts, carry long-term consequences for our planet.

Simple maintenance

You clean your Helloskin makeup remover pads in the exact same way you use them – with water! After each use, just rinse your puff with water until the water runs clear, then hang it to dry. To give them a deep clean, machine wash them every three to four days by placing them inside the Helloskin Laundry Bag on a gentle cycle.

Are makeup remover pads safe for sensitive skin?

Our reusable makeup pads are safe to use on all skin types. Plus, unlike some makeup removers, they’re fragrance-free, reducing irritation. You get to be kind to your skin thanks to their lush microfibre surface, all while embracing a zero waste lifestyle.

How should I store my makeup remover pads?

Like your other skincare tools, it’s important to store your makeup remover pads in a cool, dry place, especially when they’re hanging out to dry. When travelling, you can store them separately in the Helloskin Laundry Bag to keep them from getting dirty.

Are there makeup remover pads with added skincare benefits?

The great thing about our Makeup Remover Puff is that, though they work brilliantly with just water, you can use them with your existing makeup removers like micellar water or an oily or soapy cleanser if you’d like a much deeper clean. 

Discover eco-conscious skincare with hello skin

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