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Facial Vibration Massager: Why and How to Use It

There’s a reason why facial vibration massager devices have been so popular lately.

The natural beauty philosophy appeals to us, and face massagers align perfectly with this beauty philosophy. A facial vibration massager offers a non-invasive approach to skin care, enhancing natural beauty without the need for chemicals or surgeries. Most importantly, facial massagers help to rejuvenate the skin and combat the effects of sun exposure and other environmental factors.

This is especially important for those who have busy lifestyles and cannot accommodate long downtimes resulting from time-consuming procedures. A facial massager offers a convenient and wallet-friendly alternative. Similar devices, like the Helloskin Handset, have come a long way as well, incorporating exciting beauty technologies such as LED light therapy and microcurrents into portable form.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; here are some of the basics about this exciting beauty device that we’re sure you’d love to know.

What are the benefits of using a facial vibration massager?

Whether you’re planning to get a traditional jade roller or opting for a more convenient facial vibration massager, there are more benefits to facial massage than meets the eye.

Let’s break down some of the more common benefits:

  • It boosts circulation. These handy devices stimulate blood flow, giving your skin a gorgeous glow. Think of it as giving your skin a mini-workout by helping it look more alive and radiant.
  • It helps reduce swelling and redness. Vibrations can reduce swelling or mild inflammation, giving you more youthful-looking skin.
  • It improves product absorption. You know how some serums, lotions, or creams encourage you to massage the product into your pores? A facial vibration massager can help make this step more effective and convenient, thus maximising the benefits of your skincare routine.
  • It can be relaxing. Beyond the physical benefits, a gentle facial massage can be soothing, offering you a moment of relaxation and self-care after – or even during – a busy day. By massaging your face, you can also relax tense facial muscles, reducing the appearance of stress.

These are just some of the benefits that a face massager can offer.

Adding a facial vibration massager to your skincare routine can make you feel like you’re at a spa without leaving home. You could even opt for a facial device like the Helloskin Handset, which has microcurrent and light therapy features. It has different settings for different purposes, like blue light mode to help reduce acne and red light mode to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Can I use a facial vibration massager every day?

Generally speaking, you can use a facial vibration massager daily as part of your regular skincare routine. However, like with all good things, moderation is important when using such a beauty tool. While it’s generally safe to use a face massager every day, it’s best to only use it for five to ten minutes, or within the range of use that your massager’s manufacturer recommends.

With that said, if your skin is not having a good day, it’s best to give the facial vibration massager a break in the meantime. Sometimes your skin needs to breathe on its own!

Just like with reusable makeup pads or exfoliators, your face massager could lead to some amazing skin benefits with consistent and correct use. Always clean your facial device after each use as well, and follow the manual or instructions on how to prep your face for use.

What’s the difference between a facial vibration massager and a facial roller?

While facial vibration massagers and facial rollers are both popular skincare tools that seem interchangeable in use, they actually have some key differences.

A facial roller, such as a jade roller or gua sha stone, uses a manual rolling or massaging motion to stimulate blood flow. This massaging motion then, ideally, stimulates blood flow, collagen production, and puffiness in the skin. Face massages could lead to skin tightening or brighter, glowing skin.

However, facial rollers also require a practised touch to get right – too strong a massage could lead to unwanted redness, while too light a touch could lead to less-than-ideal results.

That’s where a facial vibration massager comes into play. It typically comes in the form of a handheld electrical or battery-powered device, making it more convenient to massage your skin towards your desired results. 

If you’ve been looking for a beauty tool that can do more than just massage and can offer premium options for skin care concerns like sensitive skin, why not give the Helloskin Handset a try?

With multiple light modes and a microcurrent setting, this fun-sized and portable beauty gadget packs a wallop in terms of results while being gentle with your skin with careful and appropriate use.

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Disclaimer: Every skin type is different, and at times, our devices may not work for your skin type. That being said, 95% of customers typically see benefits after using our products.

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